Why Your Black Friends Are No Longer Talking To You

I gotta put this out there straight, no chaser.

For those folks of the caucasian persuasion who consider themselves to be open and loving, giving and accepting of those who are different, I’d like to offer a word of explanation in case you are curious, or wondering, why the black people you know are taking the most recent election cycle so seriously. Why it has even affected your acquaintanceship.

For those of you who voted for Drumpf, perhaps you didn’t realize it at the time - or till now, even - but for many black Americans, when you pulled that level for your new president you made a choice that will be very difficult to come back from. A choice that, for us, confirmed a lot of visceral dreads and unspoken fears. A choice that we must now all confront.

Even if you don’t consider yourself racist, it doesn’t matter.

Even if you voted for him because you couldn’t vote for Hillary; even if you voted for him because you hate the MSM and big government and political correctness and illegal immigration, it does not matter.

The reason why it does not matter is because you showed us that you could not really be an ally. Did not see the importance of this decision. That you did not truly understand what time it is and what this choice was really about.

You showed us, with your vote, that you would side with the voice of hate and the traditional, American voice of xenophobia and melanated genocide. You showed us that you would go against the best interests of your LBGTQIA family and friends, your caucasian sisters, wives, daughters, mothers; that you would go against foreigners fleeing for their lives or for better lives to this country; that you would vote for smaller government where consolidated and entrenched white values and economic supremacy will continue to dominate in a predatory fashion despite the coming demographic shift.

You showed us that you support the system as it is in its deep, traditional adherence to some of the first tenets of this nation’s compact between European political and economic classes, that keeping black folks down — and everybody else in between — is the primary consideration that propels you and your ideologies into the future. You showed us that you want to be supreme — or are at least siding with those who think they inherently are — and that you are not interested in any form of true equality or egalitarianism. You showed us that even if you hate the system as it is, whatever system replaces it, you want that to favor you as well.

You showed us that you are a Good German. That you would have been present at the public lynchings of black men, women and children back in the early 1900s in this country. Now you may not have been one of the ones who were up front, inhaling the scent of burning, black flesh as the black smoke billowed into white skies, taking penises and fingers as trophies, but you would have been present and accounted for. Because it would have been expected of you by your neighbors. You might have told your family members or closest friends that you yourself were sympathetic to the Negro plight even as you voted straight Democrat ticket and took your family out to see black bodies burn.

This right here is the real deal. And not just for me. This is what we “all” see, excepting, of course, Ben Carson, Omarosa and the thousands of other black, brown, red and yellow folk blinded by attachments, inserts, entities and the good old American Dream.

You should stand up for your President. Own it. If you’re a spiritual person, own what this choice means as well for you. If you’re a conspiratorial person pay attention to how the explanations of Drumpf’s adherence to your cause are becoming increasingly byzantine and bizarre, how the conspiracies are getting crazier and crazier and as unsubstantiated as the hollow moon and Obama on Mars.

It was never really about Hillary either, or Pizzagate or email servers, it was about a white woman taking power and don’t get me started on the embedded patriarchy. Perhaps in your mind, Drumpf’s cavalier and crass treatment of women, the other-abled and minorities was merely a bad joke or an embarrassment. Railing against her “corruption” is railing against the system as it has existed since its inception and the potentiality of a woman wielding power as all political and most economic systems must, tilted toward the Elite and mercilessly processing inequity, power and embedded cultural traditions and mores to the benefit of entrenched interests.

It is almost quaint to look back a few months at the presidency of Drumpf’s predecessor, Barack Hussein Obama, who acted as POTUS in a truer manner than the majority of men who preceded him to that office. His “treason” of being black, world-traveled, a Globalist and forwarding a moderate Liberal Democrat position, has been quite enough fodder to make him the devil himself to a significant percentage of the country.

I am not saying you can’t change your mind. Not at all. I wish some of y’all would and I’m very, very sure that will indeed happen as the days, weeks and months drag by, with each of them filled with more drama, more lies, more fear-porn, more “freedoms” taken away, more corporate giveaways and decimated federal bureaus and departments. The Small Government that Conservatives have proselytized for decades is now morphing directly and quickly into Big Corporation. The merger of Government and Business will be completed during the Drumpf era.

If you change your mind … you’ve got to prove it. Because this man right here, up in the White House, and the movement that he has ushered back into the halls of power are taking us to a place that is getting darker and uglier by the day. And maybe that is just a sign of the times, the end of the Kali Yuga and all that, densification of matter, confusion, conflict, war, destruction.

But if you change your mind, you’ve got to have the right reason why. Which is not fear; is not shame; is not embarrassment.

It is because you have realized which side of the equation is morally and societally coherent and resonant with the heart, soul and higher spiritual principles. That wanting the best for all people is a good goal to have. Wanting peace and acceptance and love is a high standard to live by. Believing that equity, justice and truth are eternal principles that you choose, of your own volition and free will, to honor and abide by.

Some of y’all are probably too proud or arrogant to prove it and are now bristling at the very thought. And that thought should tell you something very real about yourself and your views as well. Given the sad state of historical education in this nation, a large part of that elevated sense of entitlement and privilege could be easily dashed with an intense and directed course in black American history. Or, a trip to the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History on the Mall in our nation’s capital, Washington DC.

The bottom line is, if you think that black folks in the United States are going to go with the flow and will just take whatever comes? Relatively quietly, or with just a few marches and riots, some minimal millions in property damage, some suicide-by-cop events and a lot of churchification, crying and singing and wailing of the Old 100s?

It’s not gonna happen. Not this time. Not anymore.

We are armed with the real truth, not the alternative truth. The truth that comes from generations of inequity and torture, the truth that comes from knowing in your epigenetic makeup the contours of racism and oppression, of being sensitized before birth to the vagaries of colorized contempt and xanaxed xenophobia. The truth that comes from knowing your oppressor as you know yourself, from having been taught by parents and Elders; having watched them closely since the youngest ages, learning how to get by, to succeed, to live.

We just might know what we’re talking about. Have some experience with hate and abuse and marginalization. Know the parameters of xenophobia and recognize it when it’s coming to attempt to put us back in our place.

And, we have allies that honor us, respect us and love us. All over the world.

Because they know the truth. That truth, is honesty. That truth is love. That truth is power. And it sometimes approximates Truth Universal, even. And that this just might be the case, right here, right now.

And you chose wrong.




Polymath. Life. Former San Marcos City Council member. Autodidact. English Teacher. Numinologist. Father. Mystic.

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Mârk Ânthðny Rðckëymððrë

Mârk Ânthðny Rðckëymððrë

Polymath. Life. Former San Marcos City Council member. Autodidact. English Teacher. Numinologist. Father. Mystic.

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