Obamacare Death Panels and who really doesn’t care about your health, after all

Yeh I said it.

Hey, remember back in the day when the Republican politicians were so vociferously against Obamacare?

I know, I know. That’s today. And tomorrow.

But there was a point, back in Obama’s first term, when some Republicans were galvanizing their base by earning them that Obamacare was going to create “Death Panels” that would choose who was going to live or die.

I think it was way back in 2009 when the claim was first made, as championed then by Republican politicians as “diverse” as Iowa senator Charles Grassley and form Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin. As recently as February of 2017, though, Republicans have been intoning this mantra, as exemplified by Bill Akin, a Republican Party chairman down in Florida.

The difference, now, is that people know better.

They have experience with Obamacare and, despite its varied and sundry problems — almost all of which can be traced back to various Republican Party defunding shenanigans and pharmaceutical and insurance corporate intransigence — people on all sides of the political spectrum realize that the program is a necessary part of a government guarantee to its citizens and is a fundamental human right.

Another thing that people realize is that the opposition to Obamacare has never been rational. That it was and is a dog-whistle projection of racist, xenophobic ire designed as a material and infantile backlash to eight years of a successful, articulate African-American man acting as POTUS to a nation considered to be the “Leader of the Free World”.

As an exemplar of the continuous, racist agenda that seeks to create a white, “New Apartheid” minority here in the United States in the face of encroaching demographic racial parity by 2040–50, Trumpcare stands now as a vile benchmark of objectionable healthcare policies put forth by selfish, clannish and miserly men representing a similarly ethically-limited population that, even now, is a minority in these United States.

These congressional representatives of a fear-beset, national polity fooled by fake news and the miasma of garish and demeaning stereotypical prototypes regarding those considered Other are lost in a reality bubble of their ancestors’ creation. They are deluded by the images and nightmares that parade, all too often, across their mental screens. Their divorce from the reality the rest of us share is so complete at this point that it is certain that future generations will study them as an example of group-held collective delusion, locked in a fear-based cycle of destructive, psychopathic pathology.

People are going to be talking and writing about what these Republicans did beginning, during and after Obama’s tenure as POTUS, for decades. How RACISM drove some folks straight crazy, or, reveal their insanity, showing their true colors once a black man was elected POTUS and living in the White House, no less.

This transition period into a more equitable and egalitarian political milieu is a dangerous and potentially very, very violent crossroads and those currently going into it kicking and screaming are missing what may be their best and last chance ever to make peace with the rest of the world’s peoples.

America IS the world.

In microcosm. All its people are here. Trumpcare will never seek to support the good health and welfare of all Americans because it’s proponents do not. While some modern Republicans embrace diversity in theory and rhetoric, their political and economic actions NEVER have.

It’s up to us to hold them to account at each and every stage of this grand “game” we are engaged in. And, considering how feral the cries of some Republicans were early in the Obama years about the creation of those Death Panels, could it be some sort of karmic payback that the only panel convicting millions to potential illness, disease and death are those very same Republican politicians who are even now attempting to kick millions off of Obamacare? If a panel really is a group of people brought together to discuss, investigate, or decide on matters of business or government, then doesn’t this current Republican congressional majority fit that definition perfectly?

Shame on them. Every, single one of them.

The last gasp of this last generation of last hardcore racists, and I’m including Gen-X in this designation, must be combatted at every possible level. The future will judge them, but we must be the ones who do the work. We must be the ones to stand against them in full, spiritual armor, prepared for whatever depredations they come up with next. For if we aren’t the ones who do it, then who will?

Art by Ulloa