NaPoWriMo 5/30 A Chosen State of Mind

Once upon a time I lost my mind and found myself living a life I didn’t choose. That is to say, that at that time, I was choosing to cruise, choiceless, letting life live me, going with the flow, rather than living what I know.

How many of us do that, day to day? How many of us find ourselves living in a way to which we are not used to, experiencing breakthroughs because our choices — or lack thereof — leave us voiceless, meekly accepting whatever comes.

And so we run, thinking we’re free, legs pumping furiously, breath pistoning in and…



Mârk Ânthðny Rðckëymððrë

Polymath. Life. Former San Marcos City Council member. Autodidact. English Teacher. Numinologist. Father. Mystic.