MSM Illusions, Lost Innocence and Where in the Hell is that Shining City on the Hill?


Those who are comfortable with racism and white supremacy have hated the Mainstream Media (MSM) ever since the 1960s. When the MSM began to show cops siccing dogs on black folks, beating them with billy clubs, spraying them with powerful water hoses, the MSM became the enemy to a substantial segment of the American populace.

This characterization is a gross generalization, obviously. It does not apply to all who take issue with the global media and its perceptive excesses. Obviously. While perusing the rest of this text, remain cognizant of the truism that “only hit dogs bark” and react accordingly, as only a very specific population and mentality is being invoked.

Placing an uncomfortable mirror in front of mainstream America and forcing whites who believed themselves to be good people to see what their willful ignorance, inaction and privilege had wrought upon those outside of their sphere of illusory innocence brought about a state of collective cognitive dissonance. It was at that point that we began to see a particularly vile and morally corrosive perceptive bubble being formed that has culminated in our current state of rancorous, polar opposition in the form of zero-sum, combative political and cultural discourse.

In order to punctuate and reinforce this illusory bubble and maintain economic and political control, a series of violent and abrupt assassinations occurred in the 1960s. President John Kennedy, the Minister Malcolm X, the Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy were taken off the global stage with extreme prejudice. The movements they spearheaded were coopted and neutralized; governmental concessions were made that appeared to be substantive. A generation was sent spiraling into shock and awe, traumatized by the recognition that invisible powers were in control and would maintain dominance by any means necessary.

Throughout the 1970s, 80s and 90s a conspiratorial movement coalesced on the Right that stretched all the way from the National Halls of Power and Corporate boardrooms to local Masonic Halls and City Councils. From smoke filled board rooms to the backs of pickup trucks parked around fiery crosses and silent and hooded demagogues, the realization that the depredations of the 60s were carried out by the Power Elite, intent upon bolstering a racist status quo, was a silent but tacit framework supporting the continuing application of racism and white supremacy.

Right-wing Talk Radio saw its creed standardized and monetized; it became widely understood that white nationalism and hate could be a pathway to economic success, although mainstream approbation was the necessary side-effect of giving voice to politically and morally unconscionable viewpoints. The market for such hate-mongering was real and pervasive. Simultaneously, the Liberal media was inundated with programming depicting a multicultural America, upsetting the general belief that whiteness was synonymous with being American.

Watergate burglars and hatemongers spewed racist screeds masked by barely-coded speech. With the advent of cable and the influx of big money into the media arena, the traditional confluence of Conservatism and economics combined to reinforce a perceptual bubble that continued to skew statistics and viewpoints in favor of racial scapegoating and projection. Music and movies often reinforced these cultural tropes and as black-inspired music evolved to dominate the charts by way of Rock and Roll, Soul and R&B, then Disco and Hip Hop, the MSM culpability in supporting what many in the Right considered to be a bastardization of American culture continued unabated.

Blacks, who had always served in the capacity of prototypical Other, were continually subjected to intense faux-academic denigration designed to “scientifically” reinforce their physical and mental inferiority. Texts misapplying statistical methodologies were highlighted and disseminated widely. Pundits paid by Think Tanks supporting Conservative political agendas — who were also supported by the same rich, Right-wing donors, Big Oil and Big Tobacco — continued to spew hate and vitriol directed at minorities and the Left-wing media.

From the 60s through the 80s, the very real ideological conflict represented by the Capitalism/Communism divide became reflected in the racial political discourse as all discussions and attempts at achieving some form of economic and political egalitarianism became associated with Left-wing, Communist sympathies by those on the Right. In other words, seeking racial justice became synonymous with being anti-American and a Red sympathizer.

It didn’t help that white and black communists espoused that political philosophy and associated it irrevocably with the black freedom movement; that Russia and China actively sought to support blacks as a form of political propaganda. COINTELPRO was one FBI surveillance program in the 60s and 70s that placed agent provocateurs into black organizations. Some of these agents were paid to set up these organizations in different ways, including illegal weapons, drugs and even anti-American activities that were then trumpeted in the media once law enforcement became directly involved.

After the First Gulf War, Desert Storm, the conspiratorial community began to take on the dimensions we recognize today. The bombing of a Federal Building in Oklahoma City in the mid-90s and a series of bombings attributed to a “Unabomber”, saw the official return of a far-Right wing, white nationalist movement to the MSM. Whistleblowers began to exit the military and deep black programs, speaking out against the government.

In the 00s, following 911, the Alternative Community finally achieved its full expression. Although the conspiracies of the AltCom never reached direct MSM coverage in those years, its tropes and standards permeated the substratum of far-Right political extremism, informing adherents and their politics appointees alike.

It was only with the mainstream success of the movement that came to be known as the Tea Party that white nationalism again became an overt part of the nation’s public politics. Conservative radio and cable channels and shows achieved their highest listening and viewership ratings and maintained dominance throughout the 00s. Dog whistle politics crescendoed until a pivotal point was reached in 2008. After the economic crash and the election of Barack Obama to the office of POTUS, the pushback against his presidency amounted to an overwhelming expression of white fear and xenophobia. The dog whistles were cast aside in favor of saying exactly what the hell they meant about Left-wing politics and the HNIC.

The MSM had become the enemy alongside the government. With Barack Obama as its titular head, the perceptive transformation of America into an enemy state was complete. Its takeover by Red Communist, Alinski-inspired minority community organizing forces and descent into socialism, a sign that the much ballyhooed Apocalypse had finally arrived. Compromise and the tradition of bipartisanship formerly enjoyed by politicians of all persuasions were cast aside in favor of rigid, party-line affiliation and the attempted denial of any and all political and legislative victories to the Democrats and the POTUS. Obama became a rallying call and a focal point of rage-inspired political action to those on the Right, who saw the MSM as an integral enabler of this debasing outcome.

It was with the ascendency of Identity Politics and Multiculturalism in the forms of Feminism, racial and ethnic tolerance and the LGBTQIA movements from the 70s through the 00s that the coalescence of overt, white nationalism returned to center stage in America. It was inevitable and is as natural a part of this nation’s expression as apple pie.

The fact that the increased expression of a multiracial and ethnic polity in the MSM over a period of four decades has accompanied the apparent honing and perfecting of a virulent form of white national identity should not be lost on anyone. That political correctness has been replaced by crass and ugly taunts, death-dealing political gamesmanship and selfish and unneighborly ideological credos is similarly unsurprising.

This “new” form of generic white, ethnic nationalism has misappropriated the victim status of historically Othered populations, claiming reverse-racism and racial marginalization enacted upon them by the government, supported by the MSM, the Power Elite and Liberal billionaires. The shrill volume of these complaints has forced the conspiratorial substratum of the AltCom to the surface, bubbling viscously in all of its iridescent and unproven glory. Unfounded fears of white genocide have infiltrated even the moderate white polity, resulting in the election of a psychopathic demagogue and wannabe fascist to the office of POTUS.

The existence of the Deep State and the monied employment of Divide and Conquer strategies has most certainly affected all Americans and the rest of the world. We have been pit against each other in service to interests not our own, to accrue wealth to balance sheets we’ll never benefit from. We fight against ghosts and ghouls of our collective imaginations based upon campfire tales told by psychopaths intent upon our debasement and destruction.

The Left hates the MSM for its recycling of racial stereotypes for economic gain. The Right hates the MSM for its multicultural offerings and excoriation of white nationalism. The Left loves the MSM for disseminating media that reveals the ills of society. The Right loves the MSM for being a perfect foil for its ire. It is a perfectly mirrored love/hate relationship designed to promulgate conflict and discord among a deliberately divided population. The nation is a circus, its president a clown, its population a rowdy, violent and mob-like audience.

Whether we, the citizens of this circus, are to blame or whether the MSM and its higher order Tavistock, Monarch-infused programming is, makes no difference in the end. Everything we do, individually, is a choice. And, collectively, we are still responsible, no matter how much we rail against that very potentiality. Prejudice and hate are losing propositions no matter who engages in them. Whether it is a group of our friends or the media telling us who and how to hate and what for, it comes down to each one of us to choose to do so or not.

The illusory bubble that accompanied the post-WWII era expansion of white American prosperity and global hegemony has expanded exponentially, culminating with the seeming explosion of “fake news” and conspiratorial alternative information sources upon the global scene. While the actual origin of this bubble must invariably date back to the mid-1600s and the “creation” of the white race as a political and social construct, its modern shape is a direct result of the false narrative that evolved during the Civil Rights era. This story maintained the illusion of white innocence and goodness in the face of the evils necessary to continue the rapine global behavior that has concentrated an inordinate amount of the world’s wealth and resources in this country, alongside the continuation of the repressive, national police state that protects the concentration of relative comfort, wealth and privilege with white bodies.

Accepting discomfort is an act of taking responsibility for our perceptions. It also leads to the accrual of real knowledge and wisdom. While there will always be those who actively choose wrong over right, as that is the nature of this world and some humans, a system based rhetorically and ideologically upon universal principles of truth and justice must eventually comply with those foundational dictates if it is to survive and prosper.

It always comes back to choice. And exiting one’s comfort zone in order to understand the Other. Of sometimes choosing the uncomfortable truth over a comfortable lie. And taking responsibility for yourself and your brothers and sisters, which, in any society, includes all who are engaged in community-building and maintenance with you.

In the end, our mainstream media and government reflect our collective choices. If we wanted to, as a people, we could oust the psychopaths at will. We outnumber them by the millions. When we choose to marginalized those who proselytize death-culture and replace them with those who cherish life, we will be well on the road to truly manifesting the national ideology that has been purely rhetorical since the earliest years of this nation’s existence. Then, and only then, will we, as a nation, be able to hold these truths to be self-evident. Hold them high and proud for the entire world to see and emulate, finally and truly becoming that Shining City Upon a Hill we ever strive to be.



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