Apartheid America: can we live together?

The white supremacists want to just come on out and make the USA a straight up ethno-state.

That’s their plan? As diverse and belligerent as we are as a nation and they think their basement armories are enough without military support? What are they going to do? Take over the state national guard armories? Attack the military bases, commandeer the weapons? Get Russia to send them weapons by air or sea and through the states they control?

Of course their plan includes genocide. They realize that the rest of us will not comply. To create the ethno-state they desire, there must be a great purge. It must be cultural, social and physical. We know their designs on us. They haven’t changed.

We know what it’s like to look into the eyes of that hate, to see that smoldering darkness and absolute, total desire to see us dead. Some of us don’t have the luxury of seeing those who look at us like that as merely political foes. That kind of hate has another name. Xenophobia.

If they are empowered again, they will act.

This is exactly why we made an uproar when you elected them — and you did elect them, not just him — and why it is so hard to talk to you or look at you now when the violence always lurking below the surface where it was easy to deny is right out front and ready to do the business of white supremacy.

As it has always done when threatened here in the USA. As it is threatened now. As it has never been threatened before.

Is this the USA you want to live in? Is this that Shining City on a Hill?

You’ve been willing to ignore racism because you were able to exist in the illusion that it was immutable. Well, it’s not. Enough people of conscience are willing to stand now and refute its totalitarian nature. Natural law supports inequity only to the extent that It can exist for a while before the scale must invariably balance.

Can we live together? The United States of America is the only nation in the world that was built to answer that question. And now that its original sin has been brought forth for a reckoning we must decide what America to believe in.

Me, kickin’ it with Nazis and Eugenicists? Ben Carson, the Hodgetwins and Clarence Thomas make it work. Clarence, being a black nationalist, holds common cause with them and Malcolm X, separate but equal. Is that what we will allow to happen to the Great Experiment?

This nation’s precepts, when applied across the human spectrum, is multiversal. Its history, is not. At some point, we must decide.

The world is watching. The world is here. All of them. Through proxies -siblings, children, cousins, friends who have immigrated — they are here to participate in their turn. This elemental, national battle for control of the nation is an inflection point in the evolution of a class/caste system centuries and millennia in the making.

Or we could be witnessing a devolution. Which cannot last and will result in a fatal blow to the self-and-global-image of America as a paragon of Democracy, which has been well under way for quite some time. Bearing witness to this paroxysm of white supremacy and its widespread support by an entire political party may give nations the courage they need to finally stand up to the empire. Together.

If we choose this path. Close the doors of this nation. Prove decisively that a multiracial democracy cannot truly work. That they might as well stay home, America is not the place of dreams where anything can happen. A large part of the world’s acceptance of the USA’s leadership is that, at least, they could send their people here to participate. That the vision of America was, really, a global vision that could result in the adoption of democratic ideals the world across.

If the illusion of democracy is dead, then hope for a future of justice and equality is dead too. Why would anybody elevate above all others a nation like that? A nation that willfully undermines the democratic ideal in favor of white supremacy? Are you ready to support the people who want to destroy that hope? For the entire world?

Those who’ve studied and paid attention know the illusion wasn’t the reality anyway. But the rhetorical flourishes and media propaganda keep it alive, and it is a promise that can be fulfilled, even if it has never been, is not now and potentially never will be perfect. It is in the striving that the alchemy, the magic, is worked, and civilizations shift.

But, right now? Ethno-state doesn’t work for me. It doesn’t for most of y’all, either. And I know that because I would not have added you to this account, remained friends with you all these years or taken the time to entertain your support of the white supremacist in chief if I didn’t believe you were a good person at heart.

Is this what our lives and dedication have come to? Does it work for you? No need to answer, I’m fine if nobody comments on this post. Just think about it, quickly, decide and act accordingly.

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